About Us

We are passionate about helping our customers reach their e-learning goals.  Our team has worked with Moodle for over a decade and we bring the knowledge and experience to enrolmart.  


enrolmart has been built by a team of educators, designers and developers with over a decade of experience in the e-learning sector.

Through each new version we continue to extend and improve enrolmart to help our clients get the most out of selling courses with that have been built on their LMS.

enrolmart 1.0

Version 1.0 focused on building a solid ecommerce platform for selling online courses and face to face sessions. Features such as basic reporting, webpages, blog, vouchers and customisable look and feel were standard features. 

enrolmart 2.0

Version 2.0 focused on improving functionality through qualification approval, customisable forms, SEO friendly pages, member/non-member pricing, advanced reporting and integration with Social media and mailchimp.

Tightly integrated with  Virtual Slate

Virtual Slate framework extends the Moodle LMS. It comes standard with an intuitive user interface, customisable branding, a powerful reporting dashboard and is bundled with advanced plugins and integrations. Are you looking for a new LMS or already a Virtual Slate customer? You can now get enrolmart for free today! 

Our Clients

Our clients cover a diverse range of industries, including corporate, government, education and not-for-profit. 

Partner Program

We partner with organisations, consultants and freelancers who would like to extend their existing portfolio of services. You will earn ongoing revenue from every client that takes up Virtual Slate and/or Moodle hosting plan. The more clients you sign-up the greater the revenue you earn.